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Antenatal Classes


Hannah Wallis of holding her baby bump
Hypnobirthing Class set up Doncaster


Little Rosebuds Hypnobirthing is a full birth preparation antenatal course based in Doncaster and is designed to empower you as expectant parents to have positive birth experiences. I will provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you have the best possible birth for you. Hypnobirthing Courses can enable you to become confident, calm and feel more in control as you approach birth and through the birth process. It can help to alleviate any fears or anxieties you might have around birth with an increased understanding of the physiology of the body and pregnancy. Along with increased confidence in the birthing process, Hypnobirthing can help to shorten labour, lessen the need for interventions, help you to naturally manage pain and give an increased feeling of control. All of my beautiful Little Rosebuds Hypnobirthing Courses are presented over 10 hours and are available as small group sessions, or as intimate, one-to-ones within my tranquil home in Doncaster, in front of a cosy fire with a hot drink and a biscuit, or two. I also offer all of my Hypnobirthing courses online for those who are a little further afield! All sessions are tailored to you and your birth. So if you are looking for an antenatal course in Doncaster, that provides you with all of the tools and techniques for a calm, relaxed and positive birth, book onto one of my Hypnobirthing Courses today.


Hypnobirthing Course

Private One-to One (in person or online)

10 hour course - £425 

5-6 hour intensive day course £300

Emily & Grant

We have just completed our 10 hour Hypnobirthing course with Hannah. Just wow. From start to finish, Hannah was professional, warm, welcoming and above all, personal and empathetic. I wanted to find a hypnobirthing course that allowed my husband and I to navigate our way through our worries and anticipations in a confidential and personal space - Hannah provided just that. I hadn’t had the worst start to my pregnancy, but hadn’t had the best start either - it had been a rocky road for me so I took lots of baggage to Hannah’s door; baggage that needed unpicking. Hannah worked with my husband and I to create a new mindset on pregnancy and birth. Cocooned in a warm, cosy and calm space in her home, Hannah made each and every session informative and relaxing. I have come away after finishing the course, feeling prepared and far more knowledgeable about birth. What sets Hannah apart from other Hypnobirthing practitioners and companies is that she offers a personal touch to each session.  I would highly recommend this special lady to any expectant parent and I cannot wait to return to Little Rosebuds Well-being to experience all the other wonderful courses she has to offer.


It’s very natural for expectant mums to have a lot on their minds during pregnancy. There is a lot to manage and deal with during this time and coping with symptoms, changing lifestyle and managing everyday life can sometimes be overwhelming and overpowering. It is so important not to overlook mum’s mental well-being during pregnancy.

 In our fast paced and very demanding world, it is vital for pregnant women to take time out for themselves and their baby. My beautiful pregnancy relaxation classes are designed for women of any stage of pregnancy. They are informal, informative, calming and relaxed and can provide incredible benefits for both you and baby.

Little Rosebuds antenatal classes  are based on the principle of Hygge and are held in my private studio in Doncaster.

Hygge, pronounced hoo-gah is a Scandinavian word meaning a calm, comfortable time with people you love,  a complete absence of frustrations or anything emotionally overwhelming. Often enjoyed with lovely food and warm drinks, a warm blanket and candlelight.

This course will run over 4 weeks. The format of each class will be quite similar however the topics I cover each week will vary, including the guided relaxation at the end of the class.

What is included on the course?

  • Understanding the power of relaxation during labour and birth

  • The Fear, Tension, Pain cycle and how to break this

  • How your birth partner can be the best support tool you will ever need

  • How to navigate the maternity system and understand your rights and choices

  • How to write your birth preferences and your options on where to birth your baby

Pregnancy Relaxation Class

Intimate Group session

4 hour course


NEXT COURSE - 5th June-26th June

Pregnancy Relaxation Class, Little Rosebuds, Doncaster
Pregnancy Relaxation Class
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