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Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Baby at Little Rosebuds BAby Massage Class Doncaster.JPG
Baby at Little Rosebuds Baby Massage classes Doncaster .JPG

Baby Massage

Baby Massage has proven and well-established benefits for parents and babies. Little Rosebuds Baby Massage offers the opportunity for you to further communicate love, security, comfort and support to your baby. It allows you to gain a greater understanding of your baby's subtle, non-verbal language and develop your ability to listen to and observe your baby. Joining a group session also helps to bring new parents together to share ideas and experiences, make connections and build their wider support network during this life-changing time.

​I deliver all my Magical Baby Massage classes from my cosy home in Doncaster, either in a small, relaxed group setting or as an intimate one-to-one with one or both parents. I will provide you with nurture and love served with a hot drink and a tasty treat along with the resources to help you feel confident and empowered in massaging your baby to help them feel content, relaxed and loved. 

Magical Baby Massage

6 weeks old +

Intimate small group sessions -  Doncaster

4 week course


-Goody bag, Massage Oil, Weekly Milestone Cards, Whatsapp Chat for all the mums to join

"Hannah’s baby massage and yoga was one of the first classes I attended after having my little boy. To say I was nervous was an understatement but Hannah was just fantastic. Her classes are so warm, intimate, supportive and welcoming. We had so much fun and loved learning all the massage and yoga techniques. Highly recommend to new mummy’s especially the nervous ones the small class sizes are just lovely"

Archie's Mummy

Baby Yoga

When I first shared with close family and friends that I was training as a Baby Yoga teacher, they all had the same response.. "but babies can't do yoga can they?". Yes! Absolutely they can. Little Rosebuds Baby Yoga is based on the same principles as adult yoga; breathing, stretching and relaxation. Baby Yoga classes help babies to stretch and move and discover their own bodies and abilities. For parents, practicing gentle yoga stretches during the class too can also help their body relax and recover after birth. On top of this, it's also a wonderful way to bond with your little one and have fun together by sharing songs and singing lullabies. These beautiful classes offer a combination of movement and relaxation and often include some key baby massage moves which is why yoga can be a great follow-on class after your baby has outgrown the massage classes. All of my Magical. Baby Yoga sessions are delivered from my tranquil home in Doncaster, either in a small, intimate group setting or as a special, one-to-one with one or both parents in a peaceful environment, with a cosy fire, warm drink and heaps of love.

Magical Baby Yoga

10-12 weeks old +

Intimate Small group sessions - Doncaster

4 week course


-Goody bag, Weekly Milestone Cards, Whatsapp Chat for all the mums to join

Mums and their babies joining in a Little Rosebuds Baby Yoga Class
Baby girl enjoying a Little Rosebuds Baby Yoga Class

"Hannah’s classes have been amazing. They were so relaxed and she put me at ease for our first ever baby class. Each week was brilliant. She was super supportive and understanding if things weren’t quite going our way on the day! We repeat everything she taught us daily. We miss our Mondays already!"

Penelope's Mummy

Mummy & Me Fitness class set up rise wellness concept.JPG
Mummy & Me Fitness class at Rise Wellness concept .JPG

Fitness Class

Mummy & Me as
Strong as Can be

That new mum feeling is definitely a special feeling, but along with the absolute joy of bringing new life to the world comes an array of emotions. This can be really overpowering at times, making the life of a new mum often tough. More often than none, new mummies, do not prioritize their own mental and physical well-being. From feedback within my massage classes, I soon realised how important it was for new mums to return to exercise for their own mental well-being.

My new Mummy & Me Fitness Classes are now being held at Rise Wellness Concept within the Yorkshire Hive at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Thursdays - 10:30 and 11:30

This class is to support new mums with their own well-being and to enjoy time with other new mummies too.

This class is suitable for mums who are at least 6 weeks postpartum (vaginal delivery with no complications) and 12 weeks post caesarean birth, and have been signed off by their midwife to exercise.


Mummy & Me as Strong as Can Be

Intimate Small group sessions

Thursdays 10:30 & 11:30

Rise Wellness Concept

Mummy & Me
Nurture Circle

Join me for the return of Mummy & Me.  Based in Auckley, at my cosy private home studio, this beautiful nurture circle is for local mummies to come together, to chatter about life, ask questions and talk about our favourite box sets to binge watch, all whilst enjoying a hot cuppa ☕️ (which I know can be a rarity) and indulge in some tasty treats. There will also now be the opportunity to weight your little one too (this is optional). 

This little class is to help support your mental well-being, without the pressure of a structured class and worrying if your baby sleeps cries or needs feeding. My special little studio is a safe space for you to just have some you time for 45 mins-1 hour and meet other new mums, including myself, who are all going through the safe life stage.


Mummy, Me, Biscuits, Scales and Tea

Intimate Small group sessions

Single class price from £7

Mum and baby at a Little Rosebuds baby class
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