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How to be the BEST Birth Partner and feel like a MAIN part, not a SPARE a part.

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Are you a dad to be in 2023?

Are you feeling nervous and anxious and unsure about the role you will play during the birth of your little miracle?

Would you like to feel empowered and confident to be the best birth partner your partner needs?

You do not need to feel like a spare part in this amazing journey! You have such a huge role to play and I would love to share some wonderful ways you can be the BEST birth partner EVER! You can also book onto my FREE Birth Partner Preparation Workshops below.

New dad with his new daughter and older daughter

The process of labour and birth is such a magical occasion. A new life being brought into the world for mum and dad to begin their next chapter.

Everyone’s experience of labour and birth is different and it can be hard to know what to expect, but one thing that is not to be ignored, is the extremely special role, the birth partner plays in this beautiful moment.

Ultimately your role of birth partner is the 'keeper of the cave'. The one who protects the space and the flow of hormones. You help create the optimal birthing environment, support mum to listen to their body and help them remain comfortable and calm.

There is even evidence to support that having a birth partner who provides continuous, one-to-one support, may help mums to cope better with labour and be happier with the birth experience.

New dad with his baby son

Birth partners should feel empowered, you should feel like you play a huge part in this journey and not just feel like a spare part. Afterall, you have helped to create this little miracle who is about to enter the world.

As a birth partner you’re likely to feel more confident if you have a little knowledge of the labour and birth process, your rights as parents to be and also the wishes of your partner.

There are so many amazing ways that being a positive and confident birth partner can support the process and help it to go as smoothly as possible, including emotional and physical support from reassurance and encouragement to breathe and relaxation techniques including visualisation and massage techniques (the ball in the sock is still a firm favourite).

Providing support and information and advocating for mum is also a great way to step up into that empowering birth partner role, encouraging techniques you have may learned in antenatal classes and also being mums voice if she feels she needs it. These are some of the topics I cover in my Birth Partner Preparation Mini Workshops.

New dad with his baby son

I have had the pleasure of welcoming some wonderful dads to be onto my Hypnobirthing courses and although they were a little apprehensive at first their feedback has been amazing! Know that you are such key part of this process and you absolutely won't regret being such an integral part of this magical moment.

“I can honestly say that after our first Hypnobirthing session, I completely changed my opinion on what it was all about and the role I played. When it came to the birth of my son the tools and techniques we learnt during our course helped me to support my wife in the best possible way”

“One of the things I learnt that helped me the most was learning how I could communicate the decisions me and my wife had made if she was unable to do so herself. Also, the relaxation techniques we learned, particularly the massage and breathing techniques helped me to support my wife when she needed it the most.”

“I would 100% encourage birth partners to get on board with Hannah's Hypnobirthing course.”

New dad with his baby daughter

“With our ideal “birth plan” in mind, Hannah helped us understand that no matter what birth type you have, the tips and tricks we learned from Hyponobirthing can be applied. My partner and I applied the new found knowledge from Hannah, and honestly made the run up to and the birth a beautiful experience that was so full of love and happiness.”

"I felt fully equipped to offer the best support for my wife and understand her needs and wants. It felt really good to be able to be this "keeper of the cave" instead of watching from the sidelines not knowing what to do!".

new dad with his baby son

I am excited to share 3 FREE 30-minute online workshops across June/July for dads to be to join me in understanding your role as a birth partner, the labour and birth process, the benefits of relaxation and how your support can encourage this and many other tools and techniques to help you feel involved and supportive.

The first session will be 9:30am Sunday 18th June (Father’s day). These will also be recorded if you can’t make it.

You can book a FREE place onto these mini workshops by sending over an email to the below or if you would like to to be sent the any of my mini videos.

Hypnobirthing is for all births.

For all people.

For everyone.

Love always,

Hannah xx

new dad with his baby son

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Jun 02, 2023

Love this! Birth partners should be as prepared as us Mums! 🫶🏻

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